Dear all,

Autumn is truly beautiful in Italy. It lends itself to nice long walks in nature, enjoying the wonderful colours. You know, orange and yellow leaves against a clear blue sky do make my heart beat slightly faster.

When Davide had an obligatory day off (maintenance at his job and what not), we decided to make use of the sunny day and travel in direction of the mountains. It brought us to the small village called Cison di Valmarino. This village belongs to a sort of list of most beautiful villages in Italy. Besides the magnificent nature surrounding it, there is also the medieval part of the village, which is quite lovely. It is a perfect starting point for a nice and proper walk.

The walk takes you through forests and meadows, crossing small wooden bridges and climbing the occasional rock, with the formidable Dolomiti looming over you, which can be both threatening and overwhelmingly beautiful. Especially when you reach the green meadows at the end of your walk where large trees show off their colours. And always are you accompanied by a spotless blue sky.

You are not only surrounded by spectacular nature, but Italy would not be Italy, if it did not have a cultural addition to offer you. This would be the war cemetary and monument erected at the foot of the Dolomiti and the little chapel alongside of it. There is really only one thing left to do there. Take a break, in the sun, enjoy the views and the silence and then, when you’re ready, walk back. And I promise you, even though you’ll take the same route again towards Cison di Valmarino, you’ll discover a different kind of beauty along the way.

All in all, it is an easy walk. It takes you approximately two hours, if you take it easy, nothing more and even though you climb for an hour and you descend for an hour, you hardly notice it, since it’s all very gradual.
However, it’s not something I would recommend when it has just rained or snowed (it can be a little bit slippery here and there), or when it’s too hot. So, it would be an especially nice activity in autumn and spring or an early summer morning.
The walk is suitable for children (there are some decorative surprises along the way), but not for prams due to some rocky climbs (they are very safe and not at all difficult to climb over, but carrying a pram along would be a little bit too much).

From Italy with love,