My apologies for not posting last Wednesday as was planned, but I have some issues with my shoulders and last Wednesday and Thursday I spent most of my time resting. I would like to say that it has drastically improved, but unfortunately this is not the case, so I will keep this post concise.

Last summer, let’s say the second week of September, we spent some time in the south (meaning Cava de’Tirreni) and we visited the Reggia di Caserta. This is probably one of the most important sites to see in Italy, right outside of Naples. La reggia di Caserta was built in the 18th century on behalf of the king of Naples. He wanted this palace to be bigger than Versailles, which it is, and this also means that it’s one of the biggest palaces in the world.

Even more impressive than the actual building, might be the garden or park that follows this immense structure, because that one is truly huge. It took us several hours to walk through it and I would highly recommend taking something to drink with you. We did not. We forgot, because even though it was hot (34 degrees C.), the sun was a little bit veiled by a thin layer of clouds and we assumed we’d be alright. We had also completely underestimated the distance. Fortunately there is a small drinking fountain in the park, on your way to the magnificent fountain and view at the end, that has the best water you’ve ever had in your entire life. Maybe I’m prejudiced, because by the time we got there my lips were starting to blister due to some dehydration, but it was really good. So, look out for that one, if you are as stupid as us and attempt to walk there without bringing any water along.

If you decide to check it out, do not hesitate to have a pizza in the city of Caserta. There is one of the best pizzerias available to you, Pizzeria i Masanielli Francesco Martucci. They experiment with how they do their pizza doughs, for example, and are regularly visited by food bloggers and vloggers. Despite their fame, you can still eat a regular pizza there for 5 euros.

So, make a nice day of it. Have lunch at Pizzeria i Masanielli (book a table in advance) and visit la reggia di Caserta. I have heard that also the historical city centre of Caserta is very nice, but I can’t vouch for it, since we had no time to visit that.

From Italy with love,