Dear all,

If everything goes well, and the Netherlands gets a grip on the virus, I can fly to the Netherlands on Sunday and visit my friends and family. So, what do I need to consider? Well, at the airport in Verona my temperature will be measured before entering and if I have had any symptoms like coughing, runny nose, shortness of breath, etc. in the last 24 hours, I’m not allowed to fly or even come to the airport. At the airport I have to wear a mask at all times and wash my hands frequently. It is advised to bring more than one mask with you, so that you can change them and give yourself, and others, the best protection. There is a possibility to eat and drink, but the possibilities are obviously very limited. Of course, keeping distance is required at all times.

Now I’m actually not so worried about the flight anymore. I was, but they take plenty of measures to prevent the spread of the virus. I’m also not leaving a risky area (Italy is code yellow according to the Netherlands), so there’s anyway only a slight chance for me to get infected.

I’m far more worried about the stupidity of people who haven’t really experienced the consequences of this virus. Many people don’t need to go through anything to behave well and according to rules. I know, fortunately, a majority of people in Italy, the Netherlands and Germany who don’t feel the need to risk other people’s lives, because they’re not in the mood to keep some distance. Let’s be honest, keeping some distance from each other, a distance that is actually also appreciated without Covid, is such a violation of your rights. What are people in Syria even talking about when they say that their human rights are being violated? No you have real problems.

You know why we don’t have a lot of demonstrations against the Covid rules or entire organisations against the rules in Italy? Because we went through more than two months of isolation. Everything going on right now is already such a pleasure that it would be simply disgusting to complain about keeping distance, washing hands, wearing a mask from time to time and not gather in big crowds. There might be some who would say that those heavy lockdown measures were entirely unnecessary. I’d advise these people (and it’s a pity that they probably don’t read my blog) to not make such statements when they weren’t in Italy, especially the north, when the virus was at its peak. How dare you. You don’t know what we’ve been through, you don’t know what we’ve seen. To write articles about it on your website (yes, viruswaanzin, I saw it) about the “real” number of deaths in Italy due to the coronavirus while you haven’t set foot in that country, while you don’t live there, while you don’t work there, while you have not participated in any scientific field for at least twelve years, is revolting.

And this is what scares me. People who normally don’t give a crap about human rights being violated all over the world, rights of freedom being violated continuously everywhere, are now commenting on it and making it their own personal life goal to fight against the infringement of their rights, despite the fact that they could be saving other people’s lives by being a little bit more careful during their daily routine. Especially since there are numerous virologists and doctors who support this carefulness and are actually more likely to know what’s up. To me it sounds as if they are deciding who is worthy in this society and who is not, because only if their IQ has dropped below sixty or if they are more of a narcissist than Narcissus himself can they actually be 100% convinced that there is no need for these measures at all. Otherwise, they just don’t care about a relatively big part of our population. And to only now believe that your government might be corrupt or interested in your whereabouts and tracking you, shows such ignorance. There’s really no need for a virus, or the idea of a virus for governments to do what governments do. And let’s be really honest since when have governments stood in the way of white men, white people in general. If you want to worry about people’s rights and freedom, there are enough issues in the world to concern yourself with. This isn’t one of them.

I could continue about the risk that they’re taking, their stupidity, etc., but I’m done wasting my time or my breath on them. However, I’m triggered easily, especially when they have the nerve to mention anything about Italy.

So, avoiding these people will be my main aim, while I’m travelling through the Netherlands. I think this is actually one of the most important measures I can take. Honestly, even before Covid, avoiding these people was my main aim. It has just become much more important.

From Italy with love,


p.s. the picture above is obviously not a picture of the Netherlands. I just appreciated the lack of people there, and what I hope to experience in the Netherlands as well. Fingers crossed.