Dear all,

This first year has not been an easy one, if I’m honest. It started rough due to medical issues that needed to be resolved, loss of people and funerals that we attended. In the second part of this first year, we were unpleasantly surprised by a pandemic and not being able to visit friends and family.

I think this year would have been difficult anywhere, but when you’ve moved to another country where everything is anyway unfamiliar, it’s even harder.

Fortunately, I had the possibility to keep on working online while there was a lockdown, so I kept my job. I don’t enjoy teaching anymore (that was kind of ruined for me in the Netherlands) and it doesn’t earn me a lot of money here, but I earn something, and in return I only work as a teacher a couple of hours a week.

Very little has changed, because life more or less stopped for a little bit and we’re only now slowly moving forward again.
I’m working on my Italian. I’m reading and writing and keeping myself busy. This month we will have some more social activities, because we’re allowed now and everything is calming down a little bit.

The upcoming year, we would like to stay here in Cittadella. After that, we’ll see. It depends on Davide’s job, on my perspectives, on other possible opportunities, on health, and on many other things. On the one hand, this adventurous life, in which you can’t really plan more than one year ahead, is not boring, obviously. On the other hand, the lack of certainty can be tough. But we’re certain that whatever we do, we’ll do it together. We have similar dreams about our future, however they’re only roughly shaped. We’ll have to see where life takes us, and for someone with very little patience, this is quite difficult.

Anyway, hope to be able to see some of you in real life soon!

From Italy with love,