Last weekend we finally attempted our first trip outside Cittadella. We knew we wouldn’t immediately go crazy and visit Venice (although I think this city is now particularly beautiful), but we would take it easy and go somewhere we would probably encounter fewer people. So, also the sea (even though it was a big contender at first), we ended up avoiding. It was going to be close to 30 degrees, so we assumed people would be heading towards lakes or the sea, despite beaches not being open yet. Instead we decided to go in direction of the mountains, the Dolomites, more precisely Feltre.

The start of the mountainous area is about half an hour removed from Cittadella. It’s incredibly green there at this time of the year and very beautiful. The small city Feltre is about an hour from Cittadella and is situated very closely to the magnifent rocky features of the Dolomites. Because it was a little bit muggy last Saturday, the Dolomites were partially veiled by some low and misty clouds. This looked incredibly beautiful, but it didn’t take good pictures unfortunately (probably also due to my lack of skills).

We parked the car close to a German miltitary cemetery. We wanted to take a look at it, but it was closed, so we walked on a little bit, cheered on by the cow bells (in the end, we did manage to see some of the graves by climbing a slope and looking over the stone wall of the graveyard). Of course all of this was attempted while wearing a mask. This made the walking slightly uncomfortable. It was humid and therefore already quite difficult to breathe, but by wearing a mask this had become even harder. Nonetheless we walked across streets, surrounded by trees and hills and in the background our lovely mountains.

In the end we didn’t enter the city centre of Feltre by foot. Simply because we thought it was too risky and we were right. We instead chose to drive through it by car and have a look this way. Quite some people were walking the streets and even though everybody was wearing a mask and I’m convinced that normally the streets would have been more crowded, to us it seemed safer to not take any risk at all.

Despite the fact that the trip was very nice and we thoroughly enjoyed it, we honestly felt a little bit uncomfortable outside of the safety of Cittadella’s walls. We’ve been inside of these walls for so long that when you go for a drive again, you need to get used to a different environment and that just feels weird and apparently takes some time to become normal again.
Now, we’re preparing ourselves for a bigger journey. This evening, we’ll hopefully hear whether or not we can drive to the south of Italy next week. We have good hopes that we’ll be allowed, but by tonight we will know the government’s verdict. Speriamo bene e tutto andrà bene.

From Italy with love,