Dear all,

Honestly, they are mostly my thoughts or actually, probably, Davide’s thoughts on fruit, but since we live in Italy, buy Italian fruit and Davide is Italian, I think we’ve managed to put together some possibly Italian alternatives for just easting a single piece of fruit.

The Fruit Salad: Now, everybody I suppose is familiar with fruit salads. You chop up different types of fruit in tiny pieces and put them all in a bowl. There you have it: your fruit salad. This is already amazing if the fruit you’ve bought is seasonal and local. But let’s say you are having friends or family over for dinner, it’s hot, and you would like to serve some fruit as dessert, but not a simple fruit bowl (and you really don’t want to serve the fruit in some fruit soup, in which the fruit is floating in some tasteless watery juice, a.k.a. punch). You could try the following two extremely easy “recipes”.
1.You take your seasonal fruit (e.g. strawberries, apricots, blueberries, even banana (although that’s technically not seasonal)) and cut them into tiny pieces and put them together in a bowl. Just like you did before. Only now you add a touch of lemon and a little bit of raw sugar. Mix that through the rest of your fruit and you’ve got something very tasty going on. Put the bowl in the fridge until you’d like to take it out as dessert.
2.The next one is even easier. Again, you cut all the fruit in tiny cubes and put them together in a bowl. Then you add just a little bit of good quality limoncello and mix it through the fruit. Put this one in the fridge as well.
*If you have mint leaves (due to the coronavirus we don’t right now, because our supermarket never has mint leaves, we would have to go to the bigger one outside our municipality, but you may have to stand in line there and who wants to do that) you can mix them through the fruit as well to give it an extra touch. It also makes it a little bit more colourful.

Fruit in drinks: The following is no sangria. I want to stress that, because saying that can be dangerous. What is commonly done in late spring and summer, is cutting up some strawberries, apricots or peaches and putting them in a wine glass in the fridge. Then when you’re about to have your dinner you can take out the red wine (we always use red, but I suppose white wine is also an option) and you pour it into the glass of fruit. Don’t pour the wine into the glass of fruit and then put it into the fridge, that’s a mistake as I’ve learned the hard way.

Of course fruit doesn’t need a lot. It can easily be enjoyed without anything extra. But now that we’re entering the season in which fruit is particularly delicious – Davide has already been looking forward to the water melon – it’s nice to have some other ideas to serve your fruit.

From Italy with love,