Most of the time it’s like summer here and yesterday I caught the first glimpse of an Italian wearing only a T-shirt outside instead of their wintercoat (showing flesh before May is deemed unwise and a direct road towards a cold), so there’s definitely some change in the air. It’s getting hotter (I also know this, because I’ve already been bothered by a relentless mosquito). This doesn’t mean we’re outside all the time. Sometimes we still just want to relax and watch a movie or an interesting show. And below you’ll find a list of shows and movies we are still watching or we’ve recently watched. If you’re wondering why Black Mirror or Stranger Things are not on this list, this is because we’ve finished watching them some time ago. So not mentioning your favourite show, doesn’t mean that I haven’t seen it or didn’t like it. These ones are just fresh in my memory right now.

Better Call Saul
If you’ve already watched Breaking Bad and you liked it (who didn’t like that one), I suggest to watch Better Call Saul as well, otherwise watch Breaking Bad first if you haven’t watched that one yet. Better Call Saul is a spin off, and usually I’m not a big fan of spin offs, but this is a really good one. Good, thrilling storyline and some brilliant acting. It’s not super light material, but you can easily go to sleep afterwards without lying awake for hours to process what you’ve just seen. Both Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad are currently on Netflix.

The Leftovers
Sleeping easily afterwards cannot be said for The Leftovers, but I would still highly recommend it. It more or less posts the question of what people would do if suddenly two percent of their population were to disappear, went up in smoke, like a sort of mini apocolypse. The reaction to this unfortunate event is portrayed in a very realistic and somewhat confrontational way. It makes you question the good in humanity. If you can stomach bad things happening to good people in a way you’ve rarely seen before, then try and watch this one. I think it’s only on HBO, but maybe you can find it somewhere else.

If you’ve already seen Friends and How I met your mother, and you’re looking for something light and entertaining then watch this comedy series on Netflix. This politically incorrect show, pretending to be politically correct, is a breath of fresh air. It is set, as suggested by the title, at a community college and follows a diverse group of students (diverse in many ways) through their years of studying.

Jojo Rabbit
Extremely funny and original version of World War II seen through the eyes of a young boy who is part of the Hitler Jugend, but then discovers his mother has been hiding a Jewish girl in the attic and needs to decide who he’s going to be loyal to, Hitler or his mum. This is a satirical movie with some hilarious but also very moving scenes.

What We Do in the Shadows
The same director and creator of Jojo Rabbit also directed and created this mockumentary, in which a group of vampires, in modern day life, is being followed around by a camera crew. A funny, entertaining and again original movie that I would highly recommend to watch if you can get your hands on it.

This is a good solid drama. It focuses on one of Martin Luther King’s famous marches for equality. It’s not always easy to watch, but I think that being confronted with white supremacy is sometimes just what we need to create some humility and respect for those generations of people who’ve been fighting for their rights.

Hope this will give you some inspiration for when you are in a not so active mood. And maybe you have one of your own suggestions you’d like to share.

From Italy with love,