Let me start by saying that food can neither prevent you from getting a virus, nor can it heal you once you have it. It can, however, improve your immune system and help your body deal with whatever it needs to take care of. I haven’t been eating much differently since we entered our lockdown phase, except maybe for the occasional homemade cake (mental health is also important). Anyway, below you’ll find what I’ve been enjoying on a normal “work” day, while I’m in lockdown.

I think I’m an oatmeal enthusiast. I really like any type of oatmeal dish, warm or cold. This morning I was in the mood for something warm and I prepared my oatmeal with a little bit of water, (oatmeal)milk and banana in a small pot. I added some spices such as cinnamon, ginger and tumeric to it and stirred it shortly on low heat. As a final touch I put two crushed walnuts on top (we only have entire walnuts, so I still have to crack them open, which means that from time to time a walnut is flying through the kitchen, because I’m not skilled enough to contain it entirely).

For lunch I prepared a lentil soup, quite a heavy one, with lentils, garlic, a potato, onion, carrots, half a can of peeled tomatoes, spring onion and parsley. I added some homemade bread to the meal, an orange salad with spring onion and I prepared tentacoli di polpo. These are octopus tentacles. We get some frozen ones, because we don’t want to dissect the fish. It’s a pretty simple preparation. You boil them in their own defrosted water (juice) and add a little bit of oil, garlic, parsley and salt and pepper to it, sprinkle some lemon on top and you’re done.

For dinner we had some more of the soup, but we added rice to it to make it even more filling. We had some chicory of the night before and decided that it needed to be finished. We prepared a green salad and a pecorino salad, which includes obviously pecorino, some spring onions from Calabria and a drizzle of olive oil. It’s really good. We often end the evening with a little bit of chocolate and this day was no exception.

I usually have the same drinks every day: coffee, tea/herbal infusion, a lot of water and a glass of red wine. Hardly ever changes, because I don’t really like soft drinks and I also don’t really care a lot for other alcholic beverages.

What are you eating, baking and preparing these days to kill some time?

From Italy with love,