So how are we doing here. Almost two weeks (at least for me almost two weeks) of quarantine in Italy. It hasn’t been easy, but it also hasn’t been as tough as I thought. I’m longing to go for a walk, but I haven’t yet. Maybe today I need to pick up something at the pharmacy, but as our pharmacy is one street away, I won’t be outside a lot.

I have even been avoiding going to the supermarket. My boyfriend goes twice a week by car and we haven’t had any reason for me to pick up groceries, so I’ve been trying to entertain myself inside our apartment or outside on our terrace (which we are very lucky to have). I haven’t been avoiding going outside for my own sake so much. It seems I’m not really the biggest target of the coronavirus, although this could change of course. The virus is unpredictable. I have been applying the rules of the quarantine very strictly, simply because sick and older people are dying. Medical staff, especially in Lombardia, often have no gloves or masks to work with, which means direct contact with patients, which means that the virus has also been spreading amongst doctors and nurses and this in turn has led to victims amongst medical staff as well. They are risking their lives as if they are in a war and then I would have the nerve to start complaining that I have to stay inside my apartment for some time? That would simply be disgusting.

There is a good chance that we’ll be continuing this quarantine situation after the third of April. Maybe for another two weeks. Which would mean that we would be in quarantine for quite some time. It’s not something I’m looking forward to, but the way I see it, I have no choice. If I spent my time being upset about it, I would be making this situation not only more unbearable for myself, but also more unbearable for my boyfriend, and they’re not going to put a stop to the quarantine, just because I start throwing tantrums. So I’ve decided not to complain and make the best of this period. Keeping in mind that there are old people in many countries that are always alone all the time and have to stay inside all the time, even without the Coronavirus, keeping in mind that there are also people right now who are all alone (instead of with a partner or family), because they’ve been separated from their loved ones due to this virus, keeping in mind that people that still have to work are risking their lives to make sure that I can live, eat and have an economy to return to later. My sacrifices are so small, so insignificant.

On a happier note: my ways of entertaining myself.
1.Baking and cooking (this is one of the pleasures of living with an Italian).
2.Learning / improving a new language.
3.Studying online.
5.Yoga (I’m really bad at it, but now I have all the time in the world to learn).
6.Meditation (also not good at this, but I’m excited to give it a go).
7.Cleaning everything (but really everything).
8.Watching new movies and Netflix series.
9.Listening to music (and dancing to it).
10.Thinking about our future and what we would really like to do in our lives and making a plan to actually do this.

From Italy with love,