Pasta alla Genovese is one of my favourite pasta dishes. We don’t prepare it very often, because it really takes some time, but I truly love it. It’s typically Neapolitan, which automatically implies of course that it’s really really good.

Below you’ll find our recipe (at least the one I was taught to prepare), which is based on the traditional Pasta alla Genovese.

Ingredients (for approximately 4 servings):
3-4 glasses (at least) of good red wine
1-1.5 kilo of (white) onions
350 grams (or less) of mince meat – if you use 350 grams of mince meat, make sure to use 1.5 kilo of onions, otherwise use less meat. This was a poor man’s dish, so the onions should be overwhelming, not the meat.
200-250 grams of pasta
Olive oil ( a good amount)
Two hands of basil leaves
Parmesan cheese to taste
Salt and pepper to taste

1.Peel the onions, cut them in half and slice them in half rings.
2.Put the onions in a big pot and add a good amount of olive oil. They don’t have to swim in it, but it’s probably 1.5 kilo of onion, so also don’t underestimate the amount of olive oil needed. Let the onions stew on low heat for 20 to 30 minutes, so that they’ll release their juices.

3.Add the mince meat, some salt (unless the meat is already salted) and a glass of wine to the onions and let it stew on low heat for at least two hours, while stirring once in a while and adding from time to time another glass of red wine and half of the basil leaves. In the end, the meat and onions need to have absorbed the wine.
4.When the meat and onions are almost done, boil enough water (with a little bit of salt) in another pot and add the pasta to it. When the pasta is almost cooked you can add it (and a little bit of cooking water) to the meat and onions sauce and let it cook for another 1 or 2 minutes.
5.Meanwhile, grate some parmesan cheese.
6.Put the pasta mixed with the sauce on a plate, sprinkle a nice amount of cheese on top of it, some black pepper and add the leftover basil to it as a finishing touch.

Enjoy this amazingly tasty dish with a good glass of red wine!

From Italy with love,