If you ask me which city do you enjoy the most in Veneto? Which place gives you the most comfortable feeling? Where can you find beautiful arhcitecture? Where can you find nice shops and bars?
My answer would not be Venezia (even though it’s extremely beautiful, but it’s too crowded (and expensive) by far). It would also not be Verona. There are simply too many tourists around as well and the city has been adapted to their needs. It would also not be Padova, although this is a wonderful city, it’s often covered by a slight layer of fog. But it would be, without question, Vicenza.

Because Vicenza is simply beautiful. Elegant without being snobbish. Lively without being swarmed by people. Classic without being old-fashioned. The city centre is relatively small, but incredibly endearing. You can’t really go wrong by visiting Vicenza, especially if you appreciate a lack of tourists. Of course, streets can be crowded on a Saturday afternoon, but you have plenty of days to choose from to visit this city in a relaxing way.

Obviously you can go running around in museums and many churches, but even if you don’t and even if you just want to walk around outside, there’s enough to see. Its architecture is basically all Palladio, which makes it a highly appropriate place to go for a nice stroll or to simply have a coffee in the sun and enjoy the buildings around you.

There is no doubt that I have visited this city more than once. Besides that it is the closest bigger city for me, it is also very accessible by public transport. And despite what people might think, the Italian railway works quite well and is not at all expensive. However, I still haven’t seen so much of the city yet. For now I have my eye on Teatro Olimpico, because I’ve heard that it is unambiguously amazing.

If you ever visit the region where I’m currently living, I highly recommend Vicenza. Just take my word for it.

From Italy with love,