It’s not warm. If people think that we still have spring temperatures in winter they are wrong. Perhaps the South of Italy demonstrates some early spring warmth, but that’s about it. Winter in Italy is definitely winter.

What do we have then in bella Italia that makes winter so good here? We have lots of sun, blue skies for months and pretty much no strong wind (this last one obviously depends on where you live). So if you have the chance to sit or walk in the sun every day in winter, it’s sort of amazing.

Also, waking up when it’s getting light, seeing the sun shine through your windows moments later, just helps you start the day in a nice way. It might as well ensure some activity in the place you live. People don’t go in hibernation here. There is, in fact, no need, because this season may be more pleasurable than the midst of summer.

If any of you are still looking for a moment to visit this country, why not December or January? The chance that you’ll be having good, sunny weather is actually higher than in spring. In March and April you simply never know what to expect.

Truth be told. I sometimes, albeit rarely, find myself longing for some rain, so that we won’t feel guilty for staying inside, on our couch, on a Saturday, instead of roaming the streets of – let’s say – Vicenza (Cittadella is very cute, but also small and when you live there, you’ve have roamed the streets within 30 minutes). But I won’t complain. I think I’ll just go out now and enjoy some coffee in the sun.

From Italy with love,