Month: January 2020

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Often when you go on holiday you finally find the time to read. Now that I’ve eliminated some sources of stress, I no longer have to wait for a holiday to find some time to read a nice book. I […]



If you ask me which city do you enjoy the most in Veneto? Which place gives you the most comfortable feeling? Where can you find beautiful arhcitecture? Where can you find nice shops and bars?My answer would not be Venezia […]



The following recipe is certainly not my own invention. I was taught how to prepare gnocchi myself by my boyfriend’s mother, who showed me this tasty mix of potato and flour at Christmas. And as promised before, I’m now going […]



You might be wondering about my current level of Italian now that you’ve read the title of today’s post. However, this post is actually not about Italy at all (or at least, it’s not very present for once). Before the […]