You might wonder if I mainly eat pizza and pasta when I’m in Italy. I think, from previous blog posts it can be deduced that I don’t. However, this doesn’t mean that I don’t love eating pizza in Italy, because I really do.

And again, I feel very lucky. Having a (more or less) Neapolitan boyfriend, who simply has pizza baking in his blood and frequently receives delicious ingredients from the south of Italy, makes eating (and baking) pizza an unforgettable experience. I might too easily assume that people know that the pizza comes from Naples and it’s the place to go and eat pizza. They have such high quality dough and ingredients that everything pales in comparison. So, you can imagine that there is a higher probablity of having an excellent pizza baker in your midst, when they come from Southern Italy.

I will not share a recipe how to create a good, tasty pizza for two reasons. 1. I feel it is not mine to share, and 2. We’re in the middle of a pizza competition (I can’t give away any secret ingredients now). Yes, you’ve read this correctly. I can imagine for tourists, outsiders, a pizza competition seems to be perhaps the most Italian thing you can do and I would agree. It is a task that pretty much only Italians can truly accomplish. And it’s amazing to be in one. Although, I’m not baking myself, I’m only enjoying the food.

I suppose there are probably official pizza competitions in Italy, but the one that we’re currently participating in, is one amongst friends. We’ve had our first session in December and will continue with a second session in January. The baking of the pizza is done at home and so is the eating. My boyfriend and one of our friends do the baking and the competing. I just enjoy the eating. Believe me, I can’t wait for the next session to start.

(And you can enjoy the leftover pizza the next day)

From Italy with love,