(Venice only a few weeks ago)

Dear all,

An ode to Venice. Beautiful Venice, we met again on Saturday the 26th of October 2019. It was not the first time I witnessed your beauty in real life. Eleven years before I had already been allowed to cross the channels and visit you.

Three weeks ago, you were as beautiful as ever to me. Your authenticity still visible in every stone of every building. I marvelled at these wonders in front of me and struggled to realise what an effort it must take a city like this to be so genuine and so real when it is flooded by tourists every single day (including myself).

Unfortunately, floods of any kind have become a regularity now and when I saw the news flashes my heart wept a little bit for you. But you are stronger than this and your formidability will prevail.

Nonetheless, I would like to kindly ask any future visitor (including myself again) of this magnificent place to respect the city, its rules and its inhabitants. It needs this now more than ever. And hopefully we will be able to roam its streets again.

From Italy with love,