Dear all,

If you want my advice, I would say to just relax. When you move abroad and have to start all over again, make sure you have a little bit of money saved, so you don’t have to work immediately or look for a job for at least the first month, preferably longer (unless, of course, the reason you’re moving to a different country is because you have a new job).

A new start gives you all the freedom of the world to try and understand what it is you really want in life. New surroundings and new people can give you a tremendous amount of inspiration and insight, but take your time to take it all in.

Don’t feel guilty for not having a job, for not “participating” in society, because honestly, how many people who have a job are really making a difference in the world. Taking a break is not only mentally very relaxing, it is also good for your body and very likely, after your deserved holiday, you will feel regenerated; as if you can take on the world again.

Now, I know, I’m in a very luxurious position, because even if I don’t work I can rely on my boyfriend who does have a job in Italy. Now that I’ve taken time off, I might feel less rushed than others to find a job. Nonetheless, I absolutely saved money before moving to Italy to be able to join in on paying bills. Independence is important to a lot of people, also to me.

Despite the luxury of not having to start working immediately, I really struggled with this. I have only recently come to accept that it’s more than ok to take my time to figure things out and it’s only recently that I’ve come to enjoy it and understand what a health benefit it is to be relatively stress free.

Even though I’m lousy at taking my own advice and I still haven’t come entirely to terms with my new found freedom, I strongly suggest that when you move to Italy (or any other country for that matter) you first get to know your surroundings, find out what they can offer you, learn the language and try to understand the culture before you do anything else. I promise you, it will be a time you never forget.

(Visit some new places and enjoy some oldfashioned sightseeing. It’s time to relax.)

From Italy with love,