(One of the quiet streets in the city centre of Cittadella)

Dear all,

It may be nice to not just introduce myself, but also the city I moved to, aka, Cittadella. I’ve been living here for a couple of months and I finally feel ready for an introduction.

Cittadella is a small, but very cute (carina in Italian, the word suits it perfectly) city situated in the region Veneto. It’s in between Verona and Venice, more or less, but other beautiful cities, a lot closer to my new home, are Vicenza and Padova. It’s safe to say that there is quite a lot of beauty to visit here, but to be honest, every region in Italy is spectacularly beautiful (yes, I am biased and not ashamed of it).

We are very, very fortunate to live within the city walls of Cittadella, because one of the most amazing things about this place is that the heart of the city is entirely surrounded by medieval walls. The city centre may be small, but it is lively – sometimes so lively that entire roads are blocked by streams of people and you can only move along with a flowing crowd, making it quite impossible to be impulsive and change direction without notification.

These old walls are definitely a tourist attraction. Often when I’m walking out on the terrace that belongs to our apartment (one of the very few apartment terraces in existence in the city centre) I’m greeted by excited sightseers. This can be somewhat unpleasant when you tend to forget that you’re in full view and you’ve decided to step outside in your pyjamas. Nonetheless, it’s a very nice place to live, with – as far as I know – no scary or dangerous neighbourhoods.

Not far from Cittadella you can find the mountains in the north and the famous Italian lakes are actually, now that I think about it, also just about one hour, maybe 1,5, (by car) removed from the city.

All in all, it’s a great place to start a new adventure.

From Italy with love,