Dear all,

The first time my boyfriend cooked for me, he prepared the recipe below. Before I started writing down this recipe I watched him doing it a couple of times, since he didn’t really discuss amounts of any sort. So, I made an educated guess. We still prepare this on a regular basis, especially now that we have the tastier Italian ingredients.

I will call it: Pizza Bread (I have no idea what the actual name is).

Ingredients for 2:

-15 to 20 small tomatoes (the smaller, the tastier, in my opinion and when it’s no longer tomato season, opt for canned tomatoes)

-4 big slices of bread (older bread works better for this particular dish)

-2 toes of garlic (at least)         

-Half a tablespoon of dried chili flakes

-A couple of anchovies / capers / olives / parmesan cheese (they all fit, I, however, prefer anchovies), be generous with the amounts, but of course it all depends on your preference

-Basil (optional, depending on the season)

-Olive oil (don’t be shy)

-Salt and pepper to taste, but because of the salty ingredients and the already used chili flakes, I would tone these down

How to prepare it:

Use a decent amount of olive oil, because you will be frying the tomatoes, so make sure the bottom of the pan you are using is covered in olive oil. Heat it well. It needs to be hot.

Meanwhile, cut the garlic and while you are at it, also cut the tomatoes. When the olive oil is hot, add the garlic and chili flakes. Don’t worry if the garlic and chili flakes get a little bit brownish. After a minute, approximately, the garlic and flakes will have been fried and it’s time to add the tomatoes.

The tomatoes will be frying right now, so it’s time to grab the anchovies or any of the other preferred ingredients and cut these into pieces (honestly the amount is really up to you, whatever you prefer). When the tomatoes have softened a little bit (after a couple of minutes), you can add the anchovies.

Now it’s time to cut the bread and put them on top of the tomatoes-anchovies mixture you created. Gently push the bread into the sauce and let them fry along for 4 to 5 minutes. Then turn them around and fry the other side for 1 or 2 minutes (or longer, when the sauce is not really soaking into the bread, however you don’t want your bread to burn, so don’t overdo it). If everything is going according to plan, the tomatoes will stick a little bit to your bread and your bread will have soaked up a bit of the juice.

It’s time to serve. Put you bread on a plate, with the fried tomato-mixture on top and add some basil leaves to it, or some extra anchovies or parmesan cheese. (Don’t combine anchovies with parmesan cheese: not a good idea).

Tip 1: This dish works really well both as lunch and as a part of your dinner (when you have little time, but you do want to have something extremely tasty). However, it is an antipasto. So normally it’s only part of a meal.

Tip 2: The olive oil, once heated, will go everywhere. Keep this in mind and wear an apron.

Tip 3: A glass of wine works really well with this. Both red and white can do the trick. Try a Primitivo, for example.

Enjoy and let me know if you liked it!

From Italy with love,