Last week, we were lucky enough to discover that Davide had a day off on Tuesday the 8th of September, because there was a holiday in Carmignano (the place where the company he works for is located). Even though I had to teach in the evening, we decided to go for a short trip in direction of the mountains.

The Dolomites, the mountain range that can be found in both Trentino and Veneto, is one of a kind, due to its particularly rocky exterior, and this is why it’s a huge tourist attraction both in summer and winter. Fortunately, we were able to travel there at the beginning of September (not the main holiday season), during the week and to the province of Belluno, which is less touristic than Süd-Tirol.

We drove for two hours to the village Alleghe, which is situated at a lake in the middle of the Dolomites (basically at the foot of Monte Civetta) at 1000 meters above sea level. It’s charming and small with the most beautiful views and I suppose it’s even more popular in winter, because there are plenty of ski opportunities around. The start of the mountains (the baby Dolomites) is perhaps no more than forty minutes from our house, but driving all the way through them, takes some more time of course. However, the journey itself is worth it. It’s a relaxed drive in which you see a lot of natural beauty. Not only that, out of the blue, magnificent old buildings pop up. This is typically Italian, there is always some old or beautiful church, palazzo or monument to find.

If you arrive at the village you have several options. Of course you should definitely have a look at the small city centre. You can decide to use the cable car that will take you 500 meters up (I don’t know exactly where you’ll end up though, because we didn’t do it), you can go for a walk around the lake (it’s a bit of walk, but if you have time and you would like to take it easy, I think this is a good possibility, because it’s relatively flat there). Or you go and check out the waterfall. We attempted to do this, but it was a steeper climb than we expected and we had just eaten, so I’ll be honest, that combination didn’t work. Besides, although all the yoga is good for my muscles, it’s doing nothing for my stamina, especially not at those heights. But it was anyway a nice climb. In the end we went down again and treated ourselves to a Spritz outside on a nice terrace in the heart of the village.

I think it’s very possible to check out the Monte Civetta when you’re staying in Alleghe, because you’re basically right there and this is one of the higher mountains of the Dolomites, over 3200 meters, but you’ll probably have to go for a weekend not just a day trip. If you are staying in this area for longer (let’s say you want to escape the heat for a week in summer), you could also opt to visit the cities Feltre and Belluno. They are both very nice and about an hour removed from Alleghe.

In conlusion, when you’re in the mood for nature, reasonable temperatures, not an extraordinary amount of tourists, and you would like to see a unique mountain range, this might be the place to go to.

From Italy with love,


p.s. One of my concerns travelling through the mountains of Veneto is the lack of proper bathrooms. In quite a lot of places they have a hole in the ground that they call a toilet. Technically, this may be more hygienic, but I would just like a decent bathroom. Fortunately, in Alleghe we had no problems with this and it actually may be an extra reason why I appreciated the village so much.