Sometimes it takes you more than a year to discover a place. Close to Cittadella (about 20 minutes by car) there is a village which is called Piazzola sul Brenta. Accidentally, we had already spent the night there once when we were on our way back to Germany, but we never considered visiting it. That’s a pity, really.

It’s very small and actually doesn’t even have that much to offer. Except for its main square, which is stunning. And the highlight of that square is probably the huge villa that is open for visits (although, that is probably for another time, a less pandemic time). On the other side of the square, you have arcades and on the ground floor, underneath these arcades, shops and bars are situated. On top, on the first floor, there is actually a street, which also has open acces, where used to be the apartments of the staff working for the people residing in that palazzzo opposite of them. These days, the houses on the top floor have been converted to modern apartments and they are all in use. Understandably, because they have an amazing view and they simply look cute.

We don’t even go there to just enjoy the views, we actually go there to have a cheap and tasty breakfast at one of the bars underneath the arcades (it’s in the shadow and ideal in summer). The price is right, because it’s a local place. There are rarely tourists, despite the huge tourist attraction. Cittadella is way more touristic and sometimes (especially now that people are storming the walls again) it’s nice to drive somewhere where it’s quiet, relaxing and still very real.

So, if you want to feel less like a tourist, you should just go have breakfast at a bar in the heart of Piazzola sul Brenta, order a coffee and a huge cornetto al cioccolato (croissant filled with chocolate) and enjoy your time with the locals.

From Italy with love,


p.s. don’t overrun the place now of course, because that will take away all of the magic.