In the summer heat we like to keep things easy and quick, especially when we prepare lunch or dinner. I love fresh salads in summer, but sometimes I’m in the mood for something different and then we prepare vegetables in the oven, which is not as fresh as a salad, but at least very easy to do and, most importantly, very tasty.

Ingredients for 2:
1 aubergine / eggplant
2 hands of sweet small green peppers or 2 sweet pointed paprikas*
1 onion
2 medium sized potatoes
10 cherry tomatoes
1 tbsp of oregano
1 tbsp of olive oil
Salt (and pepper) to taste

1. Cut the aubergine in small cubes and put them in a sieve in the sink. Sprinkle some salt on top and let them rest there for half an hour. They will release some of their juice which makes it easier to cook them in the oven. Often I also put them in the sun for half an hour afterwards.
2.Meanwhile peel the potatoes, cut them in half or in big cubes and boil them in water for 5 minutes, cut them into smaller chunks after the boiling and put them in the oven dish.
2.Cut off the top of the green peppers and cut them in big cubes. Then put them in the oven dish as well.
3.Slice the onion thinly and add it to the peppers and potatoes.
4.If the aubergine is ready, add it to the rest and give it a good mix.
5. Start cutting the tomaties in quarters and add them to the oven dish.
6.Now add the oregano, the olive oil and some salt and give everything another mix.
7.Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C. and put the dish inside for about 35 minutes. Check regularly, especially check if the potatoes are cooked well enough, if so, you can take the dish out of the oven earlier, or later if needed.

Enjoy your summer vegetables!

From Italy with love,


*I prefer the small green peppers. They are sweet as well, but I know they are hard to find in, at least, the Dutch supermarkets. Often if you go to a Turkish supermarket you will find them. They are very similar to the red pointed paprika, only smaller and of course green.