Last week, I went to Bassano del Grappa for the first time, even though this small city is just half an hour removed from Cittadella. We only now had the time. Bassano is located more closely to the mountains and this is something I like in particular, because I love to see them. I can see them from Cittadella as well, but not as clearly. The view of the mountains would be reason enough for me to drive to Bassano.

Bassano has more to offer, though. One of the obvious products they produce and sell in great amounts is Grappa. For people who are unfamiliar with Grappa, I’ll quickly explain what it is. It’s an alcoholic beverage. Kind of a brandy based on grapes and produced mostly and traditionally in the north of Italy. The amount of alcohol present in Grappa can be between 35% and 60%. The sort of grapes that are used can create a different flavour, but also the distillation process is important for this. No Grappa is really the same in my (limited) experience.
There are Grappas that I really like and also some that I really can’t manage to swallow. It’s a matter of taste. The most traditional and well known distilleries (Poli and Nardini) are located in or near Bassano del Grappa.

So, besides wandering through the cute city and crossing its famous bridge (which was unfortunately being renovated when we were there), it’s a good idea to pop into the Grappa museum, located in the city centre. The entry is free, which, I assume, everybody appreciates. When you would like to try some Grappa, you can do this in Poli’s shop (it’s inside the museum), or in Nardini’s bar (which I would recommend). Mind you, if you taste some Grappa for free, it’s expected to buy something (even if it’s something small). Don’t worry, the prices are not outrageous and they try to sell you what you’d like, not the most expensive bottle. A satisfied customer is a customer that will return.

All in all, the city is worth to visit. Especially since it’s not overcrowded by tourists (this may also be due to covid).

From Italy with love,