I wish I had come up with the term green lung, but it was actually Davide who, more or less, coined it. As a description of the surroundings of Cava de’Tirreni it works wonderfully well.

The city is located close to the sea, but the beauty of the place is the valley. Cava is enclosed by the greenest (even in summer) hills and mountains. Its other apt nickname is Little Switzerland. However, when you drive through the remotest neighbourhoods, the green lung is a perfect metaphore.

I would like to recommend something in particular. This is to climb the mountain with the cross. The cross belongs to a no longer used monastery and can actually be seen from far away. Even when you are not the fittest, this is a walk that you can do. Just take your time. It starts with a lovely little village (also part of Cava), from which you can see the mountain with the cross and in no time you are on your way in nature.

If you’re lucky, once you go up the mountain, you’ll be guided by men’s best friend. After noticing our friend had only one tooth and calling him “guy” felt a little bit too generic I dubbed him Toothless. He will take you all the way up to the cross and in return he asks only for you to share a little bit of your food and water with him. Make sure that the food is cut in little pieces, or needs no chewing, because his lack of natural cutlery, prevents him from eating anything random.

And, you’re not only accompanied by Toothless, but also by amazing views of both the Salerno and the Amalfi Coast.

In the end, it’s not just the beautiful surroundings and all the green you see. It’s the fresh air you hardly ever get the chance to breathe when you live in an urban area. Cava de’Tirreni’s nature is one of the most attractive parts of the city. That it’s efficiently close to the Amalfi Coast, the sea in general and bigger cities such as Salerno, even Naples, is another benefit. That you can easily take a train to something such as Pompeii is another one. And I haven’t even discussed the beauty of the old city centre.

So, what are you waiting for?

From Italy with love,


p.s. If you don’t want to suffer from heat during the summer, Cava de’Tirreni is a perfect place to enjoy some fresher evenings.