The title may remind you of Italy being liberated after a long war, but I’m sure that to many working in hospitals it feels just like that. From the 3rd of June, which is today, Italians will be allowed to travel from one region to the other freely, without quarantine or having to state exceptional reasons for travelling.

This means that for the first time in a very long time we’ll be able to visit people. In all fairness, we could have met up with a friend or two, but we didn’t want to run any risks (we wanted to make sure we could travel to the Amalfi Coast). It’s very strange to leave this apartment and go somewhere else. To take the car and drive for at least 8 hours and arrive at a place where the situation has stayed relatively calm throughout (thanks to many precautions). Very different from here.

Measures will stay in place. Face masks are obligatory in the region Campania and big gatherings are still cancelled, obviously. If we want to visit a museum, or any other tourist site, we have to book in advance. Keeping distance, washing hands and using sanitisers or gloves are still the daily activities that occupy our minds. However, compared to the situation we’ve now finally left behind, this seems like a small sacrifice.

We’ll leave our precious bean plant, whom I have baptised Luigi, behind, and hope that when we return, it will still be sprouting and happy. At the moment he is attacking his neighbouring plant Silvia (when you stay inside for months, you start giving names to anything), so I’m sure he is a survivor.

Expect a post when I’ve returned from the South. Due to privacy reasons I will not reveal the exact day we leave or return on this website.

From Italy with love,