Dear all,

I’ve tried to create some structure in my morning routine, since we’re still locked inside most of the time and most of the days. The freedom we currently have is very limited, but we’re looking towards hopefully slightly more freedom during the next weeks. So, I thought that more structure might be helpful.

We usually wake up before 8 o’ clock. When Davide has to go to the office, we wake up before 7, but since most days he still has to work from home, we get out of bed a little bit later. I always immediately take my medication with a glass of water and then I either do a short work out (15 – 20 minutes) or some yoga stretches, followed by 15 minutes of Vipassana meditation. This last one is a relatively new habit and I’m going to do it on a daily basis for a certain amount of time to see whether or not this kind of meditation works for me. I would also like to go for a walk in the morning, but this is still not something that we can easily do on a regular basis.*

After my meditation I either wash myself at the sink or I take a shower, get a little bit more properly dressed (sometimes I anyway choose to keep on wearing something that is very much like my pyjamas) and then I have my breakfast. By that time Davide has already started to work, also when he works at home and I often eat quietly outside, or at the same table, but then with my earplugs and a video playing on my phone (this is not my best habit unfortunately).

I don’t take time to check social media anymore. Not in the morning, but also not anymore throughout the day. I’ve deactived my accounts temporarily. For several reasons actually. They have been too much of a distraction lately and I simply do not want to spend that much time on my phone, reading silly things. Especially not in the morning, because often I read something that frustrates me and this doesn’t help me start my day in a positive way. So, if I’m not responding on Facebook or Instagram, don’t take it personally, I’m just temporarily offline. There is quite some negativity te be found on social media currently, and especially people complaining about wanting a certain restaurant to open or wanting to go to an event that has been cancelled, has really been frustrating from my point of view, since we’ve had very little freedom so far and it’s hard to understand the whining about relatively unimportant things. That behaviour has really put me in a gloomy mood about humankind in general, and to make sure that I would no longer start my day reading any of these silly frustrations, I took some heavier measures and deactivated my accounts.

Instead, I either prepare a lesson for the private tutoring that I do twice a week, or I study Italian and in some cases I simply start my morning reading, which I have found is one of the best ways to start my day. And on Wednesdays and Fridays I often already start writing my blog in the morning, only interrupting the writing to make time for the private tutoring.

If I have time left before lunch, I quickly take the guitar, to learn how to play this musical instrument, and do my guitar exercises, but it’s not something I strictly or necessarily do in the mornings.

That’s it. My new routine. Very likely I’ll be maintaining this one for the upcoming weeks, and then hopefully there’ll be some opportunity to travel a little bit again.

From Italy with love,


p.s. The reason why going for a walk is still tricky has to do with the fact that the rules, in the end, turned out to be stricter than expected. So, we can only go for a walk individually, and only in our own municipality. We also still have to wear the mask if we go for a walk. Only when you’re exercising outside you don’t have to wear it, because it’s not easy to breathe through this thing. Besides that, you obviously also have to keep some distance. Walking is at the moment not the most relaxing activity and like many other people in Italy, we’re still hesitant about going out. The images of what has happened in Lombardia are still on everybody’s mind and it takes time to process them, give them a place and move on.