It has arrived. Conte’s judgement. On the 4th of May we will be released from our homes, albeit slightly. Still baby steps, but hey, they are steps. There was a lot of misinformation circling around the Internet about Italy’s phase 2 lockdown. There’s a lot that still needs to be worked out by the Italian governement and Internet speculations are not helping with this. Down below you’ll find the rules that we managed to understand. I am well aware that I’m now adding to the Internet confusion and the irony of what I’ve said before, so feel free not to continue reading.

1.We can walk again, within our own region, preferably within our own comune (municipality). We can walk together with people who we’re already living with (makes sense) and we don’t have to wear a mask when we’re out in the open. In more enclosed spaces this is obligatory. Distance from other people is of course still necessary, even when you’re wearing a mask.

2.We can also go for a run, or do other individual sports, such as cycling or water sports (if you’re close to a lake or the sea). As long as you do it on your own.

3.We can visit parents and grandparents again. Although you’re obliged to keep a safe distance and wear masks and gloves. And they have to be living in the same region, otherwise it’s not allowed at all. (For us, this is unfortunately not the case).

4.We can order takeaway food from a restaurant, bar or bakery and pick it up ourselves. This was previously not allowed. It has, however, not really been missed. We can cook a pretty decent meal ourselves.

5.More factories and offices will be opened, which means that more people can go to work again. However, when you can work from home, it is requested that you only go to the office from time to time and not every day.

6.We can travel to another region for the following reasons: work, health, other emergencies or when you have your residence in another region. Otherwise you’re not allowed to travel from one region to the other.

7.We have to fill in a form in which we declare our reasons for going out every time we go out. We have to specify where we live and where we’re going. It basically means that you always have to carry a bag with your “autocertificazione” and proof that you’re indeed living where you say you’re living.

8.From the 18th of May, if everything goes well, shops will open again, including some museums.

9.If everything goes well, more sports activities will be allowed from the 18th of May.

10.If everything goes well, bars, restaurants and hairdressers (of course only when they can guarantee the distance) will open from the 1st of June.

Stories about not being allowed to travel to other regions until the end of 2020 are false. Nothing like that has been said by the government and fortunately this information has already been deleted from Dutch newspages.
More specific cases and individual cases still need to be determined. The government will do this asap. For example, it’s still not entirely clear (at least not to me) if Lombardia is going to get stricter lockdown rules, since this is the region that has been most severely hit by the virus. Approximately half of the cases can be found in Lombardia and it’s difficult to understand why other regions have been doing so much better.

Italy is improving slowly, gradually. IC’s are less filled, which means a lower workload for our precious medical staff. However, especially in the north, medical staff are still running double shifts, so we’re absolutely only at the beginning of our recovery.

Hope you’re all doing well!

From Italy with love,


p.s. there is a good chance that this information will, by the end of this week, not be entirely correct anymore, because the government has made slight alterations. Check the offical government’s website for updated publications about the virus, forms and rules: