During this lockdown there are only so many ways of entertaining myself and one of my favourite ways is reading books. Italian ones and English ones mainly. Below you’ll find my current favourites.

A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens: I’ve only just started this one, but I immediately fell in love with the book. Its first sentence was startingly beautiful. A typical Charles Dickens sentence. A Tale of Two Cities is probably one of his most well known works. I think it was even once the most sold book all over the world, so for me that was actually an important reason to start reading it. I simply wanted to know why everybody was so excited about this novel. The story (for people who are unfamiliar with it) is set before and during the French Revolution in two cities: Paris and London (hence the title). It focuses on a prisoner who has just been released from prison and the reunion with his daughter, and a love triangle between this daughter and an Englishman and Frenchman.
I’m very curious to find out how this story is going to develop. No spoilers please!

La Dieta delle Zone Blu by Dan Buettner: I use this book to improve my Italian of course, but also because the nutrition aspect interests me. The book focuses on the diets of people who live the longest in the world, i.e. Icaria (Greece), Okinawa (Japan), Ogliastra (Sardegna, Italy), Loma Linda (California), Nicoya (Costa Rica). The most interesting part is that La Dieta delle Zone Blu doesn’t only address what to eat, but describes an entire lifestyle. I, like I assume many others, am very interested in longevity and this book offers a lot of possibilities to give yourself a good chance to improve your prospects. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll live longer after having read this book, but it’s anyway not bad to follow the suggestions. You can also find English and Dutch versions of the Blue Zones Method / Diet.

Come Costruire una Macchina del Tempo by Paul Davies. How to build a time machine? Also this book I used to improve my Italian. It was, however, not my only reason for reading it. I was very interested in the possibility of building a time machine (not for personal reasons, but because of the concept). Is this possible according to this book? Why don’t you find out. It explains, for example, why we haven’t seen time travellers yet, even if it is possible to build such a construction in the future. If you think it’s too difficult for you to understand the physics of time travelling, then you should definitely give this book a try. Paul Davies manages to explain everything in a very simplified and clear way, meanwhile making the possibility of creating a time machine a very interesting one. You can find this book for sure in English: How to build a time machine.

Some E-books that I’m currently reading and I quickly want to mention here are:
Michelle Obama’s Becoming. I’ve always been curious about her story and her and Barack’s road towards presidency. I can highly recommend this one.
The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx. I’ve been interested in the idea of communism for quite some time now and thought this would be an ideal moment to start reading Karl Marx’s works.

Hopefully I’ve given you some ideas for new books. Especially if you’re lacking some reading inspiration.
But I’m curious. What have you been up to during your (almost) lockdown situation?

From Italy with love,