For obvious reasons I was a little bit preoccupied yesterday and didn’t post anything on my blog. I thought about what I would like to tell you in this situation without discussing the difficulties of this quarantine and coronovirus all the time. So I decided to focus on something that has always brought me joy. The amazing, wonderful, beautiful, lively, messy Naples.

We had originally planned to go to the south this month and visit Napoli again, but, at the moment, we are not allowed to travel for an undetermined amount of time, which means that we had to cancel the visit to my boyfriend’s family and Campania. So, I wanted to take some time for myself and for you to relive my best moments in Napoli through a picture show.

Obviously my best moments include a lot of pizza, but I never take time to take a picture of this. Simply because these pizzas look so ridiculously delicious that I just want to start eating (they also taste ridiculously delicious) and I find it totally useless to waste a moment on grabbing my phone and snapping a quick shot that never does any justice to it anyway. But I have many other pictures for you to enjoy and see Italy in a different light and maybe inspire you to visit Napels once this horrible period is over.

If you wonder why there is no Naples in summer, that’s because it’s honestly not the best idea to visit Naples in summer. It gets really too hot and you’ll more likely enjoy the sea than the city.

In the future I will do an eleborate post on what you should definitely visit in Naples, but for now I just wanted to reminisce.

From Italy with love,