Last but not least, I hope. I will discuss some other favourite MEDDiet dishes here and then I’ll return with more of these dishes in spring, because every season we use different kinds of products, so what we’ll be eating in May is going to be a lot different from what we’ll be eating in February.

Another favourite breakfast of mine is some lactosefree yoghurt. Again with half a banana, some whole wheat muesli, some walnuts and cinnamon. Simple, quick and tasty.

We’ve been eating a lot of blood oranges lately. They are of course healthy and seasonal and we really do need our vitamins now. So, I usually take two blood oranges, some salt and pepper, garlic, olive oil and, in this case, some fresh spring onion. Sometimes, instead of the onion, we’ll use mint leaves. We eat this most often at lunch, as one of our lunch dishes. Preferably not in the evening, because the blood oranges can be a little bit heavy on your stomach.

And pizza. Of course we still eat pizza. We prepare everything ourselves. I say “we”, but I’m actually hardly involved in this process. Pizza baking is my boyfriend’s second job. He makes his own dough, using more whole wheat flour. Also his tomatosauce is outstanding. It’s made from tomatoes from his land at home in the South of Italy. This pizza that we do, is absolutely not the same as the fastfood pizza you get in the Netherlands. Besides that, we usually don’t each eat an entire pizza for dinner. We share one and add some vegetable dishes to our meal.

When it comes to the MEDDiet I’ll see you again in spring with some more simple ideas on what to prepare to enjoy food just a little bit more and add some nice health benefits to your life.

From Italy with love,