Living close to the source of good food and good food habits, I’ve been changing my way of eating, adapting it more and more to what one might call the Mediterranean Diet (MedDiet).

This way of eating has become very important to me and my health and has motivated me to do some research concerning this lifestyle. Some of you might know that besides being a teacher, I’ve managed to get a degree in nutrition. But having a degree in nutrition doesn’t mean that you should no longer study. This scientific field is continuously changing and keeping yourself informed as a nutritionist is really important.

However, for me it’s also a personal journey. While battling my auto-immune disease, I’ve been continuously looking for ways to improve my situation, next to taking my daily meds. Before moving to Italy I had already received some information from Italian doctors on the link between diet and chronic inflammation caused by an auto-immune disease. When I visited my doctor here in Italy he suggested the MedDiet as a way of supporting my current condition and was very pleased to tell me that with the correct amount of medication and the correct lifestyle I would grow old very happily and in a very healthy way. Just my medication would not cut it, because it only takes care of some of the symptoms, but not of the underlying problem. (Although I would strongly suggest that you never stop taking medication, unless your doctor tells you so).

After having experienced the MedDiet and after having done some research, I felt it would only be right to share this information, instead of keeping it to myself, because it is not just inflammation that is being tackled while eating in the suggested way of the MedDiet. The health benefits are enormous and it has been one of the best researched ways of eating (and living) ever. I’m pretty much convinced that this is best lifestyle out there for most people, especially concerning longevity.

Next week I’ll give you more information about the diet itself. I will also provide information on the sources that I’ve used. These sources all have open access, so you can have a look at them yourself, if you like.

From Italy with love,


p.s. when dealing with health issues always consult a doctor, do not assume that the diet/lifestyle that I am discussing here is automatically the correct choice for you. It is wise to seek advice from a professional to address your personal situation.