You might be wondering about my current level of Italian now that you’ve read the title of today’s post. However, this post is actually not about Italy at all (or at least, it’s not very present for once).

Before the actual Christmas fun commenced, I flew back to the Netherlands. One of the days I was looking forward to be present at was my mom’s official retirement bash at the school she had been working at for thirty years. But later that evening we went for dinner at a restaurant that has become the centre of this stoy.

I imagine that many who live in the southern part of the Netherlands have heard of this place. Bellevue. And know for a fact that the name is correctly chosen. Its location and views are simply beautiful.

I am normally not a big promoter of restaurants (at least, not anymore). The waste of food and money, and already having a terrific cook at my side, make it sometimes a little bit redundant. Nevertheless, I wanted to go out of my way for once to say something kind about this particular restaurant.

I like to eat everything, however, I cannot. Due to medication I need to avoid soy and often lactose is not my biggest friend. My specific requirements were not at all a problem for Bellevue. They anticipated and created wonderful dishes solely for me. Many restaurants do this these days. However, the quality of the dishes I was served was outstanding. I did not miss the lactose and soy at all (and for your information, in the Netherlands, soy is added to a lot of products: nothing wrong with that, unless you’re taking certain medication).

And that’s not all. Even the Italian among us was pleasantly surprised by the level of cooking and the honest price. People from the South of Italy (for sure not all of them) have a high standard when it comes to the quality of food and the preperation of it. Being granted a compliment from these critics means more than you can imagine.

I have no pictures. My photography skills do not at all do justice to what was presented to us that evening. Just go and have a look yourself.

You’ll find Bellevue in Simpelveld, Deus 1. Or simply check out their website:

From Italy with love,


p.s. this is not a sponsored post.