So what am I actually doing all day, you might wonder. I have wondered at that myself many times, but I’ve recently detected some sort of structure in my days. In general, I try to have a rhythm and to keep fairly busy, but I also take time to relax.

Usually in the morning, I wake up around the same time as my boyfriend, even though I don’t work in the mornings. Mostly I am up at around 7.15. While he is having “breakfast” (many Italians I know, don’t have a big breakfast in the morning; the most important part is unequivocally their coffee), I keep him company, wanting to tell him all about my dreams of the previous night, my plans for the day, his plans, but refraining from this, because most people (not me) need some time to wake up.

I do a lot of chores in the morning. Doing groceries, dishes, laundry or cleaning, so that afterwards I can write my blog (or other stories I’m working on), study (Italian language or otherwise) or prepare lessons. To study something other than Italian, I use the website Futurelearn (this is not sponsored), because I can easily do online courses on any subject I like. This keeps my brain active and I’m just a very curious person. Next, you might wonder what kind of lessons I prepare and, more importantly, why. A couple of days a week, in the afternoon, I teach English at a language institute in Cittadella. Mostly individual classes, but there are also group courses available (however, I haven’t started any of those yet).

Most days, except for the weekend, I cook twice a day (my boyfriend cooks on the weekends as if his life is depending on it). We often have lunch together, also during the week and in Italy you eat warm meals for lunch, so it’s never a quick sandwich, but always a fully prepared meal. In all honesty, in the evening I may prepare a lot of food, but my boyfriend does a lot of the cooking as well. The finishing touch, so to speak. I’m not a bad cook, but I’m no Italian. Although, baking cakes, brownies, crumbles or preparing any kind of dessert, that’s all up to me. Baking is actually one of my favourite past times.

Just like reading. It’s probably the first time in seven years that I feel like reading a lot of books again. As if my mind has finally calmed down and has opened up to the world of literature. I believe that reading improves my writing, so I find it highly necessary to keep it up and now that we have an incredibly comfortable couch in our apartment, reading has become even more enjoyable.

(My favourite place to read, study or write)

This is how I currently spend my time on a regular day when I have nothing special planned. Who knows, maybe it will change in a couple of months, maybe not.

From Italy with love,